Can E Cigs Launch a Viable Challenge to Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

howecigsworkE cigs were first launched in 2003 and though they currently account for a very small fraction of the US tobacco and cigarette market (less than 1% at the last count) that figure is growing. Predictions and studies have shown that sales have doubled every year for the past five years and have now reached in excess of $1 billion per year – that’s certainly enough of a ripple to make the tobacco companies sit up and take notice.

If these figures and trends persist the electronic cigarette could overtake sales of traditional cigarettes in only ten more years and, although there have been some negative reactions and reports about e cigs history has shown us that they will only get better. They are sure to improve with age which must be even more of a worry for the traditional tobacco giants.
The newest, most modern electronic cigarettes these days are almost exact replicas of the traditional cigarette only without the smoke, the ash, the odors and the carbon monoxide which goes with them.
One of the big areas which e cigs deal with is that they were initially hailed as a terrific aid to stop people smoking. The truth is that almost 70% of smokers in the UK would love to stop if only they had the necessary willpower and determination. Many of these smokers are on the lookout for the easy option or an alternative to what has become nothing short of a socially unacceptable habit over the last few decades.
Smokers will try to quit for a variety of reasons – the two major areas being health and finances. It is now common knowledge that smoking is not only harmful to the person who actually smokes but also to anyone nearby which includes children and loved ones. Surely that is incentive enough for anyone to try to stop smoking tobacco.
One of the other big problems which smokers object to is the odor which is created when they smoke. The smoke circulates around their clothes, their hair and their surroundings and is evident for a long time after they have taken their last puff. This is unpleasant for the actual smoker plus other people in the vicinity.
Nobody really knows whether e cigs (CloudCig UK) will ever launch a truly viable challenge against the traditional cigarette but all signs are showing that there is a very good chance they will.

The New Popularity Of Electronic Cigarettes

smoking-vs-electronic-cigarettesElectronic cigarettes are sweeping the nation as the new and exciting substitute for tobacco cigarettes. Originally designed to perhaps act as a substitute for the tobacco brands, they have effectively bridged that gap, and have evolved into even a broader market with much more appeal to the consumer.

Electronic cigarettes consist of a hollow tube with a container lodged within filled with a glycol liquid which is ignited by a battery, which then produces a harmless vapor which acts as smoke. The user, inhales the vapor, just as he or she would smoke from a cigarette, and then exhales the same way. All of the sensations are there, that a smoker experiences, and that is probably one thing that makes this new way attractive.

The glycol mixture can come in various flavors, such as tobacco, fruit flavors, mint, menthol, chocolate, and a host of other flavorings. It is possible to mix nicotine in with the flavoring in order to satisfy that urge. The amount of nicotine can be varied, so it is possible for people to wean themselves off of regular tobacco cigarettes, by switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, and then gradually tapering down. In this way thousands of ex-tobacco smokers have gotten completely away from tobacco. This is much easier and more fun than going through nicotine patches and bad tasting nicotine gum.

Tobacco smoking is well documented for producing massive carcinogens that cause hideous diseases such as cancer, heart and circulatory diseases. These are facts, and not scare tactics. There are years of documented evidence proving that tobacco smoking causes lung cancer, for example. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals that are cancer causing, and even includes arsenic and cyanide. The tar that lodges in the lungs of smokers is also carcinogenic.

Now that e-cigarettes are becoming so popular, we are beginning to hear the cries of legislators who want to regulate this new product, because, “We really don’t know what is in these products.” While it is true, that just about anything can be placed in the vaporizer module of an e-cigarette, the same is true with a regular cigarette. For example people do smoke marijuana. It is really not a valid point to make because tobacco cigarettes are supposedly “regulated,” but the cancer incidence has not markedly decreased. The only thing potentially harmful with an e-cigarette is the vapor, and that is close to breathing in air when you are outside on a damp or humid day.

The tobacco companies know that they are seeing a real threat to their hold on this type of market, and they are jumping into it rapidly. One large tobacco company, Lolliard has already purchased Blu cigs, one of the early pioneers. With big tobacco behind the move, with their massive advertising arm, it is more than likely that the popularity of this new product will soar, and the e-cigarette will be here to stay.

The nice thing about electronic cigarettes is that they are relatively harmless and they come in all of the colors and flavors that stretch as far as one can imagine. They do provide a sensible way to wean yourself off of tobacco, and they are a lot of fun to use.