Why Use An E Cig

ecigarettesI have been smoking for years, and although it is not a habit that I’m proud of, it is one that I have not been successfully able to give up yet. That is not for lack of trying. There’s been many different kinds that I’ve attempted to give up cigarettes, but none of those is ever been successful in the long run.

Recently, I came across an article about why people choose to smoke an e-cig rather than attempting to quit smoking cigarettes out right, and a lot of the rationales that people use for utilizing electronic cigarettes made a lot of sense to me. When I read the various testimonials, I have to admit that I could see myself and many of them. In fact, although I’ve never been interested in electronic cigarettes before because I thought that they could never fully capture the feeling of smoking, after having read the article I admit to being quite a bit more curious about the phenomenon.

I have not come to a decision on the e-cig issue either way, and I’m going to continue to do research and talk to people before I decide whether or not to try it out.